Reap the benefits of Miracles


According to religious/spiritual view, a miracle is something that happens beyond the human understanding, it cannot be explained by scientific laws and therefore believed to be the work of a divine agency. Miracles occur in our daily life for instance protection, guidance in some activities that are beyond us, healing and even our regular strength is a miracle of its own. Occurrences of miracles are not dependent on the religion the person is practicing, or the place the individual is coming from for it happens as compassion for each involved person. Though, most miracles can be associated with the religious/spiritual beliefs of the person. Each person that has received a miracle never remains the same. For many, it is a chance to let go of old belief system that has held them, and open to a new flow and regain their love of life.

Reap the benefits of miracles


Some diseases have been beyond the doctors, and only a miracle from God is needed for the person to get healed. Diseases have been there ever since, and some people have received the miracle of healing. For instance, the ten leapers who had leprosy received healing when they call upon Jesus to heal them. During the time Jesus was on His mission to save humankind, leprosy was not curable, and people who had the disease were seen as outcasts, and they were not allowed to mingle with other people. Therefore, when the ten leapers received this miracle of healing, they went back to their homes. This was specifically due to their religious/spiritual belief that Jesus will save them. Hence no matter the disease you may be suffering from, it only takes calling upon the Lord, and you will receive your miracle.

Reap the benefits of Miracles


Many people have been restored back to the way they were after losing something. Some people have lost their jobs only later to be reinstated back to the job with better pay. Is that a coincident or a miracle? Is it because of their religious/spiritual belief? The answer to this is seen from the book of Job. Job lost everything when he was undergoing the temptations. He lost his children, his health, and wealth but he still kept his trust and faith in God. By the end of it all, God restored everything that had been taken away from him. His wealth tripled, and he became the wealthiest man in the world. Therefore, whatever you may lose call upon the Lord trust in Him knowing that something is coming your way a miracle that will change your life.


Each passing day we travel from one place to another using a different mode of transport and reaching to our desired in one piece. At times we get let and miss a bus a flight or a bus and only hours late, you find it out that the flight crashed or the bus was involved in an accident. What comes to you after you receive such news? Is it the result of our religious/spiritual belief? Most people will say it was a miracle they miss the flight or the bus. When the children of Israel were coming out Egypt, they were pursued by Pharaoh and his men. But the Lord gave the children of Isreal protection, and they crossed the Red Sea only for pharaohs men to be swallowed by the sea water once all the Israelites had crossed over. Therefore, wherever we are whatever we do, know that we are under the grace of God.

Therefore, as Christians, we should always take to our advantage the benefit of miracles by calling upon the Lord and keep our religious/spiritual belief intact.

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