Miracles is secret to success in life

Religious/Spiritual Description of a Miracle

A miracle refers to a divine operation which the forces transcend natural law since it cannot be explained by natural basis. Miracles are ways through which God reveals Himself to people. Nonetheless, Christians do not understand how to reap the benefits miracles from God. God loves people that he even sacrificed His son to redeem the human race. Consequently, God is willing to intervene in our daily situations and help us. In the religious/spiritual concept, the main cause of not receiving miracles is failing to belief in God. When one is faced with emotions and storms of life, it becomes hard to trust that God will help us and faith becomes weary. As much as many Christians believe that God is able to work miracles in their lives, they do not know how to receive it. As a result, people are left wishing and hoping rather than trusting and receiving the blessings and miracles of God. God is orderly and faithful. His actions are consistent. God has put laws of physics around us such as gravity which must be recognized the same way there are spiritual laws of God which you can employ to experience miracles in your life. Miracles is secret to success in life

The Religious/Spiritual Understanding of How To Receive Miracles From God

The first step is to recognize and acknowledge that miracles are not just a hit or miss but something you can tap into by learning the laws of God and how they work. God knows everything and is always watching out for you and any time you turn on to God, you can experience His workings in our life. Ps.: 35: 27 God’s desire for you is to prosper. Deut. 28; 13 God’s will for you is to be above and not beneath. You have to realize that you are the one who controls God’s ability and workings in your life. God has the power and ability but it is also up to you. The bible says in Ephesians 3:20, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” The last phrase of the verse is “according to the power that worketh in us.”which shows that if there is no power in you God will not intervene. Your will and faith is going to determine your miracle as God will not violate your will. The bible also says that My people know me. You have to realize that God flows through you and you can hence stop the miracles of God in your life by not believing in God.

Religious/spiritual Examples and Explanations of Miracles

The birth ofJesus which was a miracle since a virgin gave birth through the power of the Holy Spirit. The angel spoke to Mary proclaiming this miracle and this miracle only happened when Mary answered. Moreover, when God created He spoke things into existence. People fail to realize that God is not just moved by need but by faith. If God was moved by need alone Christians would not have needs and those in bad situations would be responded to first.


If you plant faith you will reap the benefits of faith such as miracles. Conversely, if you are not reaping the promises of God as written in the Bible, you have not yet planted the word of God in your heart.If you have the word of God in your heart you will get the results of the word. Though many Christians know about the word intellectually they do not have absolute confidence in God and still have fear or reservation and thus fail to see miracles in their lives.